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We're relaunching the site soon. In the mean time, if you would like to purchase any of the out of stock items, we are accepting bulk orders of 10+. Please email for interest. Thank you for your patience.

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We use architecture in our textiles to create items that represent your favorite communities, events, brands & more.

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Our specialty lies in 100% silk twill scarves. We find iconic landmarks of your favorite, city, college town, summer getaway or corporate brand and translate that into a beautiful hand drawn textile that can be worn for any occasion. It all started at UVA Architecture school, and now we landed here. Learn more about our story here.

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So how does it work?

We find the iconic architectural landmarks of your favorite place and tesselate into a silk textile so it is wearable. Think of it like the high end version of the "Sag Harbor" sweatshirt you buy at the local store.

Places we've done:

+ Fishers Island, NY

+ Nantucket, MA (In Progress)

+ West Village, NY

+ St. Barts (In Progress)

+ Harbour Island (In Progress)

+ Lake Como, Italy

+ Chapel Hill, NC

+ Charlottesville, VA

+ Hanover, NH 

Who's this for?

Its for the boyfriend who wants to give his girlfriends family a nice house gift when he visits their place in Harbour Island.

Its for the daughter who wants to give her mother the shawl or bag accessory that reminds her of her favorite summer in Nantucket. 

It's for the friend who wants to give their big shot NYC boss a gift that has their favorite West Village restaurant on it. 

Its for the mother who wants to give their soon-to-be grad a meaningful scarf to frame on their wall to remind them of their Dartmouth days. 

It's for the traveler who needs a mini day dress that transitions into a cocktail midi dress for a dinner by Lake Como. 


It can be worn as a mini skirt, maxi skirt, mini dress, maxi dress, 10 types of tops, a shawl, a bag accessory, a head scarf, and can even be framed. See our tik tok for tutorials.

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