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based in sophisticated, eclectic, utilitarian, & community focused design.

Hello and welcome to the Clearly Collective! My name is Olivia, and I founded this company two years after I graduated UVA Architecture School. Even though I went to school for architecture, it was the thoughtful, intentional process of design that I became obsessed with.

When I started off, I chose my communities: UVA, Fishers Island and The West Village (NYC) and realized the importance of place. So when I found that there was a gap in the market for high end, "merch" (essentially) - I grabbed at it.

We're looking to be the high brow version of the classic Montauk (or wherever) sweatshirt you see people wear.

I took my sketching skills and created scarves in efforts to make an item that was meaningful, beautiful and useful. The designs all follow my architecture style sketches, but the potential communities that they can reflect are endless. I want the people who wear these scarves to feel its' sophistocation with a taste of eleclecticism, creativity and sense of community. I'm excited to see what type of creative collaborations the future holds!

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